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  • Plaster Calculator

    Calculate the amount of water and plaster you will need for various solid forms. https://plaster.glazy.org/ Bookmark this link on your phone’s browser for easy access! The code is open source and available on Github: https://github.com/derekphilipau/vue-plaster-calculator Inspired by Keith Simpson’s (@earlyamericanrobotpottery) plaster handout and the USG plaster calculator. The calculations are from USG (https://www.usg.com/), Keith Simpson […]

  • Glazy

    https://glazy.org Much like the open-source movement, our ceramics culture is largely one of sharing and collaboration.  Via mailing lists, discussion groups, and personal websites, potters freely share their knowledge.  Being largely self-taught, these resources have been extremely important to me. In particular, ceramics recipes are handed down from one generation of ceramicists to another, much […]

  • 72 Hands

    http://72hands.org/ From theTiangong Kaiwu (天工開物) encyclopedia compiled by Song Yingxing (宋应星) at the end of the Ming Dynasty comes the oft-cited quote: “共计一杯工力,过手七十二,方可成器” “For the total work required to make a single cup, it must pass through 72 hands, and only then can it become a vessel.” 72 Hands is an effort to document all types of ceramics techniques. […]