Painted 2017

For 2017 I have refined all aspects of the “Painted” series, from the designs and brushwork to final glazing and firing. In the following “Lobed” series, the form emerges through application of a chaotic brushstroke. I’m personally enamored with the floral lobed forms and delicate brushwork in the following dishes.  2017 was also the first… Continue reading Painted 2017


The history of ceramic slip decoration reaches far back into antiquity.  Much as ancient pottery emulated more valuable vessels in precious metals, white slips were often applied to darker clay bodies in an effort to increase “value”.  Many inventive uses for slips have evolved through the centuries, such as Cizhou black and white slip carving, Chinese “cut-glaze”… Continue reading Painted


Ceramics is not an independent craft, it has evolved in a complex environment of discourse with other craft traditions.  In Chinese ceramics this condition is reflected in the prevalence of skeuomorphisms, with ceramic vessels emulating the forms and manufacturing artifacts of more “valuable” metalworking traditions including bronze, silver and gold. The Planeware series is an exploration of the… Continue reading Planeware