Omega HH506RA Pyrometer

In the future I’ll be adding articles to this website.  The first article that came to mind was a review of an excellent pyrometer I recently purchased, the Omega HH506RA.

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It’s said that you can tell how long a foreigner has been in China by the number of appearances they have on Chinese television.  I’m not doing well, I guess, because I’ve only been in one documentary.“China · porcelain” is a documentary about the fascinating history of Chinese export porcelain in the Ming and Qing… Continue reading 纪录片《china-瓷》

New kiln

Completed gas kiln with steel frame and stainless steel panels

Steel-frame fiber propane gas kiln, six venturi burners, single shelf (64x64cm).

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Cizhou Kiln

Collection of bowl shards with Chinese characters

Cizhou Kiln sites in Pengchengzhen, 2010 (彭城镇,磁州窑,2010)

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Funeral Vase?

Interesting vase found in Fanjiajing, the “fake” market in Jingdezhen.

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