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  • Glazy Blends!

    Many of the tests you can find in Glazy’s Instagram feed are made using Volumetric Blending.  In the past, it was difficult to calculate the actual recipes of the blended tests.  But now, Glazy’s Calculator can now automatically create Line, Biaxial, and Triaxial blends for you! This function is only available for Paypal and Patreon patrons who’ve […]

  • How to Use the Blending Guides

    New Video:  How to Use the Blending Guides This short help video shows you how to use the Volumetric Blending Guides.  I’ve released the Blending Guides as free PDF downloads.  Both the video and downloads are on the Glazy Help website:

  • Oxidation Bristol SiC Celadon

    For an upcoming @redlodgeclaycenter group exhibition, I wanted to try to make my “Painted” series of high-fire reduction celadon work in mid-fire oxidation.  This locally-reduced Silicon Carbide (SiC) Bristol Celadon glaze isn’t perfect.  Some have slight areas of carbon trapping on the interiors, and I didn’t have time to completely resolve the bubbles.  But I’m happy to have gotten some […]

  • Blends Poster

  • Support Glazy!

    Just 123 patrons support Glazy’s other 18,000 registered members! Please consider helping to support Glazy now with an annual Patreon membership.  (Link in bio.)  No more annoying monthly charges, and annual memberships are 10% off.  A yearly “Student” tier membership is only $21.60 per year.  Your donation pays for Glazy’s increasing server expenses, development of new features, and recipe […]

  • This inspirational art quote does not exist.

    These quotes were genearated by a huge language model from OpenAI called GPT-3.  After prompting the model with real quotes by famous artists like “Art is a line around your thoughts” (Gustav Klimt) and “To be an artist is to believe in life” (Henry Moore), GPT-3 responded with a wide range of its own quotes.  A small […]

  • Impasto Dishes

    This was just a first try, didn’t come out like I was hoping.

  • Red Lodge Glazes

    The amazing @redlodgeclaycenter has generously allowed me to share their studio glazes on Glazy. Studio glazes often reflect the history of a studio.  They are brought in by a succession of studio technicians from their schools or places of previous employment, and the recipes go through a process of “natural selection”. Those that are unreliable are gradually […]

  • Vince Pitelka Underglaze

    For years I relied on the internet to find information about ceramics.  One of the most useful and reliable sources both then and now is Vince Pitelka’s website.  There he shares his knowledge on all aspects of the studio, from making your own tools to loading & firing kilns. (Although I have yet to try his Fabulous […]

  • Glazy Dark Mode

    Just click the contrast icon in the top-right corner next to the language drop-down.  Glazy will remember your preference. You may need to clear your browser history and re-login to see this new feature. Dark mode is only available for Paypal and Patreon patrons who’ve pledged $2 a month or more. Thank you for supporting Glazy!

  • How to Use Glazy

    The amazing @lindathepotter is writing a series of articles in @claycrafting about Glazy! The first article, “How to use Glazy Part 1”, appears in ClayCraft magazine issue #37 (link in bio). ClayCraft Magazine: Issue #37:

  • Colorize!

    Colorize black & white photos with machine learning for free! Recently, the website My Heritage has made their automatic photo colorization service available for free (although you must still sign up for a free account). They are using machine learning algorithms trained against millions of photos, and the results are pretty amazing. EDIT:  Just looked into […]

  • Last Kiln Before Quarantine

    Montana implements shelter-in-place today. I unloaded my last kiln a couple days ago, and have set up my glaze materials in the garage. Intending to make tests that I hope to fire after quarantine ends.

  • Visualizing composition

  • Illustrations of pottery techniques

    All these and more available for free now at the @internetarchive‘s National Emergency Library as well as their wider library. National Emergency Library Just search for keywords like “ceramics”, “pottery” and “glaze”. Then click “Borrow This Book” and enjoy the book online or as a downloadable PDF for 14 days. (The book can be renewed thereafter.) […]

  • National Emergency Library

    Hundreds of free ceramics books & magazines you can read now!  Please spread the word to your fellow teachers, students, and pottery nerds. The amazing @internetarchive has created a National Emergency Library to enable students and the general public to lend publications for free and without a waitlist. Just search for keywords like “ceramics”, “pottery” and “glaze”. […]

  • Stay Home

    Just moved my glaze testing studio into the garage. Feeling very lucky that I can still work during quarantine.

  • More Tests

    More tests for #theglazyproject  It’s a gamble! The Glazy Project is an effort to document hundreds of old recipes in Glazy that have no record of being tested. The old recipes in Glazy were, at some point in time, used by a potter and carefully recorded to share with others.  We should give these recipes the benefit of the […]

  • We Built this.

    15000 photos.  Built by us. Since 2015 you’ve added thousands of recipes, photos, reviews and comments, creating what is likely the largest collection of ceramic recipes in the world, passing down knowledge to the next generation of ceramicists. Thank you.

  • Artist Lecture

    I’m honoured to be giving a lecture and workshop at the University of Applied Arts Vienna in January. Preparing this lecture has given me time to reflect on the past and imagine what the future of ceramics might be.  What does the “science fiction” future of ceramics look like?  I’d love to hear your thoughts..