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  • Yangchow Internment Camp

    These are some of my great-aunt’s photos of Yangchow camp. She notes the duration of internment as starting on 13 March 1943 and lasting until 6 October 1945.  She was housed in Yangchow Camp “C”. An interesting history of the camp can be found on Frank Waller’s website at Some of these photos and more can be […]

  • Max’s paintings

  • 區达年 Philip Dalen Au

    PHILIP DALEN AU April 3, 1916 – October 27, 1993 Philip Au and his elder sister, Norma, were born in Hong Kong. Their father died when Philip was ten and their mother valiantly worked to support her family and, because she could not afford to send them to school, taught her children at home. […]

  • White Jade Buddhist Carp

  • Max

    Max Raymond Carey was born in Fairbury, Nebraska on March 7, 1915.  After graduating from the University of Nebraska, Max joined the Air Force as an aviation cadet.  He graduated in June of 1941 and was assigned to Hickam Field in Hawaii.  On December 7, Max witnessed the attack on Pearl Harbor.  About six months later Max’s unit was […]

  • Mary Au

  • 于右任 Yu Youren

    Yu was a scholar of calligraphy and is regarded as one China’s modern masters. His works in cursive and semi-cursive manner are intensely animated. He is perhaps best known for his calligraphy and published related works on the topic. Because his later years were spent in Taiwan, his writing style is very popular and his works […]

  • Tokuriki Tomikichiro

    Tokuriki Tomikichiro 徳力富吉郎 Print artist. Tokuriki was born in Kyoto, where he has always worked. The last of a long line of traditional-style painters, he turned early to woodblock prints and became a leader of the Kyoto ‘Sosaku Hanga’. He graduated from the Kyoto City School of Fine Arts and Crafts and then from the […]

  • 區建公 Au Kin Kung

    區建公(1887年-1971年12月31日),名建邦,字维屏,號建公,又號聽香樓主,廣東新會人,一生致力文教工作,精書法,兼善各體,尤以北魏書體獨步書壇。 區建公少年即從宿儒盧湘父,修習經史詞章之學。1906年畢業於新會師範學堂,1912年於澳門創立德華學校,1927年於香港設建邦學校。課餘精研書法,篆隸真草皆擅長,譽滿書壇。1930年在香港設立建公書法學院,專心宏揚書藝,扶掖後進,對清貧學生,免費施教,前後四十一年,從未間斷。當時,香港的商號和機構之牌匾和碑記,多出於其手。他又編印書法示範十餘種,習字帖百餘款,為當年中小學廣泛採用,有助於香港書法藝術的普及和提升。 區建公亦精於醫學,受業於外祖父劉宗仁,並奉母命贈醫濟世。他在1971年12月31日去世,享年八十五。

  • 周世聪 Madame Chow Sai-chung