Ephemeral vessels

I only just became aware of David Lebe’s work from a print featured in the Philadelphia Museum of Art’s new exhibition, “Elegy”.  The story of how Lebe’s “Scribbles” series came to be is incredibly moving, an artist struggling to find meaning in their work during the AIDS crisis:  “I had no idea what they were about, no thoughts of meaning or mission.”  Until a serendipitous encounter allowed Lebe to see the work in a new light.

Of “ShadowLife”, Lebe states: “Here it is not only the intensity, color and angle of the light that is important in determining the image, but also the speed with which the light changes — forcing spontaneity and subconscious decisions.”

As ceramicists we are entrenched in materiality, but lately I find myself gravitating toward the virtual and evanescent.

Read more on Lebe’s website.

ShadowLife 052
From the ShadowLife series, 2013 – present
Scribble #1, 1987
Scribble #9, 1987