Special Auction

Bidding open!  I’m honored to be hosting an auction of Soojin Choi’s (@soojinchoiii) sculptures.  100% of the proceeds minus shipping costs will be donated to the Support the AAPI Community Fund.

Just send me (@glazyorg) an Instagram direct message with the lot number and your bid.  (Please do not bid in the comments.)  I will respond with a message that I received your bid and let you know the current highest bid.  I will message you if you are outbid.

Lot 1:  Soojin Choi, “Two Nights”, 2021.  13” x 24” x 11”
Minimum bid $300.  Bid increments of $100.

Lot 2:  Soojin Choi, “Four You”, 2021.  19” x 18” x 6”
Minimum bid $300.  Bid increments of $100.

Bidding begins now and will last until Tuesday, August 10th at 12:00PM EST.

Organized by GoFundMe.org and supported by companies like Youtube and Airbnb, the Support the AAPI Community Fund supports organizations that empower and uplift the AAPI community, with initiatives such as increased community safety and support for those affected by violence.  https://www.gofundme.com/f/support-aapi-community-fund

#StopAsianHate logo by Patrick Li (@patrickli__)


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