Two Years of Tests

Time to leave the residency, and there’s no room in the Uhaul.

Sad to say goodbye.  But these tests live on in Glazy, backed up and safe.  Much like my book and music collections, my glaze collection is now virtual.

Ceramics is in some ways inherently wasteful.  But Art is one of the things that makes us human, and I feel that we should make allowances.  Let’s eliminate our f*cking nuclear arsenals and coal plants instead.

One thing we can do to reduce waste is to share our knowledge and tests.  You can find mine at

EDIT:  I thought I’d made sure none of these tests contained hazardous materials like lead, barium, etc.  But looking at the photo I realized some of the gloop tests had cadmium encased stains.  Out of caution I’ve taken these out of the bin.