The Colors of Celadon

Just a few examples of celadons, there are more like Plum Celadon (梅子青) not to mention Jun and Guan.  Color and surface can vary within each type, and even between time periods.  A contemporary Duck Egg Celadon that adds a small amount of cobalt in addition to iron for extra color is quite different from the Yuan Shifu kiln “duck egg” celadons.  I tried to find typical examples of each type from websites like Sotheby’s and Christies, but even those experts have different ways of categorizing.  All this is to say that the categories aren’t so well-defined, so please don’t get cross if you think I’ve mislabeled 🙂  I’ve listed the UMF values of iron and cobalt for each type based on various recipes collected in Jingdezhen, when I have time I plan to fire some tests and re-create each type.  Note that the iron & cobalt levels are only one part of the puzzle.  Preparation, application and firing are all very important.  And all oxides in the analysis play a part in the final outcome.  For example, please see my previous post about titania in celadons.