Iron Tianmu Glaze

This glaze was inspired by analyses of Song Dynasty dark iron glazes in Nigel Wood’s “Chinese Glazes”.

I find this glaze superior to typical Tenmoku glazes like Leach Tenmoku due in part to the inclusion of magnesium. The minor additions of titania and manganese add to the depth. Rather than a slightly translucent dark brown typical of recipes like Leach, my glaze is opaque, rich, and almost black. (If you wanted an even deeper black, you could add a small percentage of cobalt oxide, say 0.5%.)

I’ve published this glaze on Glazy:

I’ve paired this glaze with an Iron Saturate/Kaki I developed in 2018:

This glaze was developed with a series of line and biaxial tests, unfortunately I cannot find the original images. ALWAYS STORE YOUR IMAGES IN GLAZY DEREK!