Machine Learning for Artists course wrap-up

This is a small selection of the images, videos, and even 3d models created by students during the course.  We had an AMAZING group of people.  Even more important than the creation of digital artifacts were the lively discussions about our fears and hopes for machine learning and artificial intelligence, issues in ML/AI such as job displacement and racial bias, and how we as artists can incorporate these cutting-edge tools into our studio practice.  None of us had any conclusive thoughts on what this all “means”, but there was a consensus that these tools are very useful as a way to explore and make new connections between ideas.  I was surprised and inspired by the new ways in which students found to apply these tools, and I hope that in the future we see even more collaboration between ML/AI specialists and artists.

Registration for my next course, Psychadelics for Artists, is opening soon.  Unfortunately it is only available to those in parallel universe #365171156259360836530802, so you’ll need to transfer conciousness there in order to join.