Recreating Ancient Glazes

Recreating Ancient Glazes using Glazy’s “Target & Solve” feature with analyses from Nigel Wood’s “Chinese Glazes”.

In an earlier post I showed how you can quickly make a recipe from an analysis of an ancient glaze.  Here are four examples of recipes I tested using this technique.

1.  #121102 Koryo celadon glaze 3.  This came out BEAUTIFUL on stoneware and would probably look great on a “dirty” porcelain as well.

2.  #121119 Hangzhou Guan 1.  OK result.  I used Glomax to replace some of the Grolleg, but that also added titania.  I think if I’d used calcined Grolleg (or some other low-titania kaolin) the color would have been nicer.

3.  #121106 Yingqing Glaze.  Another great result.  I really like the look of this on both porcelain and stoneware.  On porcelain it definitely has the feel of Yingqing.

4.  #121122 Ru ware glaze 2.  Ru ware is typically made of stoneware, and I almost like the look of my stoneware test.  This has potential, but more testing is needed!

Again, please see my earlier post, “Re-create a Song Dynasty glaze in one minute”, to see how these recipes were created.  

Full video here: