30,401 Images and Counting

Just some of the photos uploaded this week!

During the first couple years of Glazy’s existence, it would be exciting to see just one or two photos uploaded a week.  Since then, the Glazy community has grown into an amazingly generous group of people from around the world, sharing over 30,000 photos!

All these photos with recipes are available on https://glazy.org (link in bio)

Photo credits:
Wiliam Kaplan
Barbara Nowak
serene fang
Duncan Mackellar
Alice Salmon
Christine Bouma
Donte of earth nation
Jeffrey Yauger
Tom Demeranville
Ginger Lukas
Kaitlin Devine
Sydney Baker
Randall Johns
HP Bloomer IV
Matt Kelleher
Jake Glaze
Bill Kitt
Michaela Danzl
John Post
Ruau Francoise
Jorge H Morales
Jun Yu Tan
Atelier Aimee
Martin Hill
Rylie McGuire