Free Patron Status for Education

Today Glazy welcomes 747 new Patrons!

Anyone who is signed up with an .edu or address automatically gets 12 months of Patron status with extra features like Target & Solve, Blends, Dark Mode, calculated thermal expansion, and user-defined decimal places.  New users who sign up with an .edu or email address also receive 12 months free.  (If your country uses a different domain for academic emails, please let me know in the comments.  If your school does not use the .edu domain for email, please send an email with proof of enrollment to derek [at] glazy [dot] org)

I started adding “Patron-only” features as a way to entice people to financially support Glazy.  But these new features, like the ability to automatically make substitutions (Target & Solve) and calculate blends, are becoming more and more powerful, and I hope that students will find them useful.

Currently, only a small fraction of Glazy’s almost 20,000 users have become Patrons.  Patrons not only get access to special features, but also help to ensure that Glazy continues to grow and remain available for everyone.  It’s now easier than ever to become a Patron with either a one-time or monthly donation via PayPal or Patreon. (link in bio)

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