Blending by Weight

Quick Tip:  You can also use the Glazy Blending Charts for blending by weight instead of volume.  This is useful for blending clays and slips.

For this triaxial I’ve made three 500g batches of clay plus 200g of water for a total of 700g each.  The Triaxial Blend chart uses 20ml volume blends, to avoid using a calculator I just doubled that and use blend batches of 40g in weight instead.  So for test D3 (4th row, 3rd column) I measure out 10g of the Top batch, 10g of the Left and 20g of the Right.

Blends are mixed and then applied to a plaster slab to remove excess water, then formed into test tiles.

You can buy these as beautiful, Museum-quality Glazy Blending Chart posters on Glazy’s Etsy store, or you can download the PDF’s for free.

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