Red Lodge Glazes

The amazing @redlodgeclaycenter has generously allowed me to share their studio glazes on Glazy.

Studio glazes often reflect the history of a studio.  They are brought in by a succession of studio technicians from their schools or places of previous employment, and the recipes go through a process of “natural selection”. Those that are unreliable are gradually weeded out, while those that are loved for their beauty by the students may remain.

To be honest, I rarely think of how much materials cost.  But one of the most valuable things that @redlodgeclaycenter is teaching me is how to become an actual professional, and that means keeping an eye on the bottom line.

You might not know this, but Glazy can be used to keep track of your material costs.  For these Red Lodge Clay Center studio glazes, I’ve used Glazy to create batches of 10kg (which fills a large bucket) and come up with some surprising results.  I expected the glazes with high amounts of Mason stains to be expensive, but not four times as expensive!  And the lovely Val’s Matte Orange Tan surprised me the most:  Val’s glaze doesn’t have any stain, but due to just 8% Lithium Carbonate it’s our second-most expensive recipe!