National Emergency Library

Hundreds of free ceramics books & magazines you can read now!  Please spread the word to your fellow teachers, students, and pottery nerds.

The amazing @internetarchive has created a National Emergency Library to enable students and the general public to lend publications for free and without a waitlist.

Just search for keywords like “ceramics”, “pottery” and “glaze”. Then click “Borrow This Book” and enjoy the book online or as a downloadable PDF for 14 days. (The book can be renewed thereafter.) If you find the service useful, please consider donating to the Internet Archive! Just click the “Donate” button on their website. Here are just some of the titles available:

Postmodern Ceramics
The Ceramics Bible
Ceramics Source Book
Beyond craft
Shifting paradigms in contemporary ceramics
Salt-glazed Ceramics
Ceramic Sculptures
Ceramics Monthly
Soda glazing
Cooper’s book of glaze recipes
The ceramic glaze handbook : materials, techniques, formulas
Ceramic formulas: the complete compendium
The potter’s Eye
Contemporary ceramic techniques
The potter’s manual
Chinese ceramics
Japanese and Oriental ceramics
Persian ceramics
Ceramics : mastering the craft
Born of ashes : woodfired ceramics
The Art & Craft of Ceramics
American ceramics
Hands in clay
Revolution in clay
The Chinese Potter