Multilingual Glazy

Huge new feature:  Internationalization!

Glazy now in Español, Français, Nederlands, Hrvatski, 中文.  And more on the way!

One of the most inspiring aspects of Glazy is that it connects ceramicists from all over the world through the universal language of ceramics and chemistry.  And now that Glazy’s user interface and metadata categories are translated into multiple languages, it will be even easier to share our knowledge.

Special thanks to these amazing ceramicists who crowd-sourced the translations:

Alisa Liskin Clausen, Monique Duclos, Ana Felipe, Clara Giorello, Louis Katz, Art Kha, Čazo Čazim Mehmeti, Huang Nuokan, Jean-Pierre Prieto, Stijn Vanacker, and Trees Wijnands.
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