Clear Cone 6 Oxidation Glazes

Link to full size cone 6 clear glaze comparison image here.

Recently I joined a community studio that only fires cone 6 oxidation.  Last time I fired cone 6 I was in college!  So I am learning about cone 6 glazes from various resources:

Boron in Glazes by Matt Katz

Mid-Temperature Glaze Science by Matt Katz

Understanding Cone 6 by Sue McLeod

These clear oxidation cone 6 glaze recipes all came from Glazy:

Clear, cone 6 glaze images by Derek

My personal favorite is Sue McLeod’s clear, followed by the WCAC Celadon Clear.  However, the Celadon Clear is high in boron and may have issues with durability?  The Digitalfire “G” glazes are also quite nice.  Campana clear is very clear on porcelain but peforms badly on the stoneware.