Pouring Glaze with a Watering Can

I’m sure that using a garden watering can for pouring glazes is a common technique, but when I came up with the idea I thought I was a genius 🙂 The design of a watering can ensures a constant, strong stream of liquid during pouring that is perfect for glazing. Bubbles are reduced since the watering can pours liquid from the bottom of the can.

Pouring the Outside

Once the inside is glazed, I will wait until the next day to glaze the outsides.  It’s important not to overload the bisque ware with water.

I use an old electric wheel for pouring the outsides.  It’s important to rotate the wheel at sufficient speed so that glaze does not gather on the inside rim of the pot.

Here’s a good video by John Britt about pouring the outsides on a turntable.

December 2019 Update

Not having anyone in the studio to help me pour big pieces, I came up with a very simple solution: