Brother Thomas Bezanson

From Creations in Clay, a book of essays and photographs of Brother Thomas Bezanson’s work:

For many years of my work as a potter I was concerned with learning the skills and technologies proper to the potter’s art.  I was focused on looking back to accomplishments of the past; I was open to those men and women who shaped the tradition of ceramic art.  They were my teachers, by necessity of my ignorance.

Then at some point in a time out of time they left me standing, so to speak, in a dark forest where their ability to guide me came to an end; there was no longer a path of the past to follow.  There were no paths at all, except the one I was called to make for myself if I did not want to be just another derivative, condemned to repeat the past, or bootleg from the present.

At this juncture I gradually became aware that my new teacher and best guide was my own work itself.  It led me into myself, into my own inner experience.

The Pucker Gallery has a wonderful collection of Brother Thomas’ art, with excellent photos.

The Boston Museum of Fine Arts has a small but wonderful collection of Brother Thomas Bezanson’s work.  Below are some images from their website.