Glazy: Glaze recipes most used materials

With the data stored in Glazy it is possible to visualize recipes using graphs and charts.

In the future, these visualizations and more will be added to Glazy at

Below are simple pie charts showing the most commonly used glaze materials for both Mid-Fire and High-Fire glazes.

For those who are just starting out with glazes, these charts could be a useful guide when stocking glaze materials.

The charts on the left are for “base” materials, the materials that form the actual glaze.  On the right are charted the “additional” materials- typically colorants and opacifiers- that are added to the base glaze materials.

There are still some strange and untrustworthy recipes in the Glazy database that may have skewed the results somewhat.

Mid-Fire Glazes

High-Fire Glazes

Below are the charts for High-Fire glazes.