Blue Glazes

All of the following Blue glaze recipes and more can now be found on my new open-source ceramics recipes website, Glazy:

The following tests were fired in two Jingdezhen public kilns at approximately cone 12 and in my own kiln at cone 10.  I just wanted to get a general idea of the blue glazes listed in High Fire Glazes.

Market Blue

Custer Feldspar 50, Whiting 4, Kaolin 24, Dolomite 22, Cobalt Carbonate 0.5

Royal Blue

Custer Feldspar 27.3, Whiting 23.3, Silica 27.3, Kaolin 19.2, Zinc Oxide 3, Cobalt Carbonate 5

Satin Sky

Winn Blue

Blue 1

Dark Water Blue

This recipe calls for 2% additional Iron Chromate, which I don’t have.  I tried this glaze without the Iron Chromate, as well as substituting Iron Chromate for a combination of Red Iron Oxide and Chrome Oxide.  I don’t know what this glaze is supposed to look like..

Blue 4

This recipe calls for 13% additional Ultrox, which I don’t have.  I tried substituting with Zircopax, the result is kind of strange.